PETER DOIG 100 Years Ago, 2001 – Oil on canvas

The Inner Island is an exhibition designed by Jean-Marie Gallais, art historian and curator. Since May 2022, he has been a curator at the Pinault Collection. He was formerly the head of programing at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, where he curated the exhibitions Peindre la nuit (2018-2019), Lee Ufan. Habiter le temps (2019), Folklore (2020), and Écrire, c’est dessiner (2021). 

As a ‘mise en abyme’ of the insular location of the Fondation Carmignac in Porquerolles, ‘The Inner Island’ exhibition, explores an essential driver of creation, as powerful as it is common: the distancing of reality as to reveal an interiority. 

From April 29th to November 5th, 2023, more than 80 works by fifty artists, from private and public collections, including the Carmignac Collection, but also new productions, will draw
the dotted outlines of an inner island, inviting each visitor to
 fill in the gaps in their own way. From Peter Doig to Anna-Eva Bergman, from Ali Cherri to Auguste Rodin, the exhibition proposes to confront visitors with these different worlds floating outside of known geographies and temporalities. 

The Foundation draws its roots from the Collection. Established without bias or constraint, over the years, the Carmignac Collection has developed a unique panorama of contemporary art, marked
by Edouard Carmignac’s evolving taste. Today it has more than 300 works from the 20th and 21st centuries: major pieces by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gerhard Richter and Martial Raysse but also a large group of works by young artists and those from emerging countries. The Foundation ensures that this collection is preserved and shared with the public.