SDA, a saddlery company specializing in aeronautical luxury, has been working since 1993 on the interior design of business jets as well as the manufacture of various protective elements for fighter planes and futons for the transformation of cabins during long night flights. Together with its partner Insert Solutions, the company also manufactures interior components to stabilize valuable dishes on board aircraft and ships.

Based near the Bordeaux Mérignac airport, this family-run factory, founded by Mr. Saguey and his two sons, has always demonstrated a high level of quality and reactivity entirely dedicated to the demands and tastes of its most demanding customers.

Historical partner of Dassault Aircraft since its creation, it is today certified

PART 21G and PART 145. It is involved in complete interior refurbishment projects for all brands of business jets and for the business and first class cabins of regular airlines. Three years after Martial Mignet took over the majority of the company’s capital, he will take over the presidency of the company on Monday, February 1, 2021, following the departure of Christophe Saguey, son of the founder, who wishes to devote himself to less aeronautical occupations. Martial Mignet has appointed Pierre-Henri Huclier, an aeronautical and cabin fitting engineer from the AIRBUS Group and founder of Insert Solutions, as General Manager. He will be responsible for the development, management and strategy of this aeronautical saddlery nugget.

The backgrounds of Martial Mignet and Pierre-Henri Huclier, (details of which can be found in the appendices) are very complementary and underpin the legitimacy of this duo in the management of a factory serving the aeronautical and pleasure marine industries in France and abroad.

The task is vast and the prospects promising for the new management team and all its specialized workshop staff, who have many years of experience and who in 2020 saw the youngest of them honored with the title of “Best Apprentice of France“.