Lufthansa Technik AG has begun working on the cabin conversion of the first of three Airbus A350-900s for the German Federal Government’s Special Air Mission Wing.

The aircraft arrived at Hamburg’s International Airport on May 7th where it will be fitted with a government cabin by Lufthansa Technik’s VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services product division.

This is the world’s first conversion of this kind of an Airbus A350, which will initially be equipped with a special transitional cabin for the transport of representatives of the Federal Government and their accompanying delegations. 

The corresponding preliminary work had already begun in November last year in Lufthansa Technik’s VIP workshops. Delivery is scheduled for the end of July.The transitional cabin, tailored to the specific requirements of the customer, will be equipped with office and conference areas, next to a multifunctional lounge area.

The rest of the cabin space will be available to the accompanying delegations. It will have generous seat spacing, an appropriate number of washrooms and modern kitchen equipment. 

This is the first VIP completion of an Airbus A350 for the German Air Force as well as for Lufthansa Technik.