Brazilian-born Cristiane Porto created the Cris Porto brand in 1985. Her unique pieces are available at the Ritz, Paris. Inspired by art and nature, the beauty of each piece is translated into exclusive jewelry made by hand with noble gems. Delicacy and richness of details make all the difference in each of her creations. With limited production and passion in all stages of the creation process, one of the brand’s great differentials is translating stories of love, life and family into each jewel, with a personal and unique design.

In 1993, Cris Porto was selected by De Beers among the top 100 jewelry designers in the Americas. She has exhibited at the Louvre Museum, n Paris and at the Mikimoto Gallery, in Tokyo. She was also invited to have her collections exhibited at Baselworld in Switzerland.

Today, the brand has crossed the Atlantic. Cris Porto’s creations are on display in one of the most exclusive shop windows in the world at the Ritz, Paris as well as in the hotel’s boutique.