Bugatti is still refining its work: two years after the world premiere of the Chiron at the Geneva International Motor Show, Bugatti now presents a Sport variant of its 1500 hp supercar.

In the same place as where the first version of the super-sports car was unveiled to the public, the French luxury brand returns this year with Chiron Sport, a new version that retains the power and outstanding performance of its illustrious predecessor while distinguishing itself by a significantly improved driving dynamics and increased maneuverability. To be able to offer this sports version, Bugatti equipped its car with a set of equipment intended to improve the handling, while reducing its weight by 18 kg. Capable of reaching higher curve speeds, the Chiron Sport is five seconds faster than the standard version on the Nardò drivability test circuit in Southern Italy. Visually, the Chiron Sport especially stands out from its predecessor by the new design of its rims as well as by its four exhaust pipes.

Driving dynamics reinvented

A palette of colors and optional extras are also available to visually highlight the sporting vocation of Chiron Sport. The first deliveries are scheduled for the end of the year. “We have created the Chiron Sport for fans of a sporty drive who aspire to better lateral dynamics,” said Stephan Winkelmann, president of Bugatti Automobiles SAS who adds: “We were however keen to preserve the absolutely unique character of the Chiron, that is to say the marriage of extreme power, breathtaking acceleration and ultimate speed with luxury, comfort and perfect propensity for everyday use.”  The outstanding power and performance characteristics of the Chiron have been maintained, along with its lightness and driving comfort. To improve driving dynamics, the brand’s engineers gave Chiron Sport a stiffer chassis tuning. Thus, the adjustment of the shock absorbers is firmer by 10% on average than that of the standard version Chiron. The steering has also been adapted without losing its particularly direct and precise character. These new settings only come into effect when the car is the Handling mode of the Sports version, which now offers the driver a clearer difference compared to the EB mode. The rear differential has also been optimized with a new “Dynamic Torque Vectoring” function, which provides a variable distribution of torque between the wheels for a more straightforward behavior and greater directional precision, which allows to significantly improve the agility of the car, especially in tight turns. This technology is used in all driving modes.

Dominant « carbon gray »

The Chiron Sport is distinguished from its predecessor by its new lightweight wheels with a “Race” design and by its exhaust pipes, of which there are four. Their round aesthetic is distinguished from the angular forms seen on the standard version. The Sport version is also distinguished by different design elements. The starter button and steering wheel driving mode rotary, as well as the brand’s signature plate, have an anodized black finish. The door threshold strips are decorated with a “Sport” monogram and the center console has an insert on which the name “Chiron Sport” is embroidered.  At the same time, the Bugatti design team has created a range of colors and optional accessories for Chiron Sport that enhance the sporty look of the car. The bodywork is adorned with a classic two-tone combination, with a dominant A-tone carbon gray in the back and Italian Red B-tone at the front. In addition to red, the color palette available also includes blue “French Racing Blue”, a silver tone “Burst Gray” and a “Gun Powder” dark gray.  Inside, the dominant color is black. All the controls on board are in anodized black. The steering wheel and gear stick are dressed in black suede leather. Bugatti has selected three materials to dress the interior: alcantara, a smooth leather and carbon. With these different color and design options, the Chiron Sport has a price of 2.98 million net (gross price in the United States: 3.672 million dollars), which will make it the most expensive standard model exhibited this year as part of the Geneva Motor Show.


By Frédéric Vergnères