Origins: The Original, the beginning of an observation, setting each detail, each shape, each color, each subject, like a snapshot.

Through his paintings Denis Perrollaz expresses the force of nature at its most beautiful purity and occasionally at its most desperate. The contrast is one of the keys of his work.  The softness is throughout.  Its strength is striking.
Continuing to fully feel and express the elements that surround us is truly the essence of this contemporary painter.

His work unites us and brings us together, it is human and transposes us, it plunges us into NATURE. We realize how fragile it truly is, so sublime, it makes us want to respect and protect it. The quality and originality of his technique, his skill and the spontaneous attention to detail make his work witnesses of freedom.

The animal, plant, organic and molecular nature, infinitely powerful may define his painting, with each subject being probed to its very core.
Denis Perrollaz was born in Diégo-Suarez (Madagascar) in 1965. This French artist spent the majority of his childhood in Africa, then Germany before settling in Bordeaux in 1982. Determined to give his life meaning, he taught himself through practice, moving to Cannes in 1987, where he would first pick up a paintbrush in 1989.

In his first works, his creation is dominated by an interest in the Subject. It is through abstract painting that he expresses beauty, impression and feeling.

In 2000, he moved to St Barth (French Antilles) where he would live for nearly 10 years. This is where he would develop a rather extraordinary sensitivity as regards the body in relation with nature. In 2001, he worked for several months in Bali, in 2003 and 2004 in New York then in 2009 and 2010 in Amsterdam.

In 2011, Denis Perrollaz was in Saint-Emilion where his art amidst the vineyards would reveal his dialog with nature. Focusing on capturing reality, his paintings and especially “his circles” echo the balance, freedom and universe.

He is represented in Paris by the Galerie Anne Jacquemin Sablon, in New York and London by Holly Hunt and in Saint Bart by Space SBH Gallery. His exhibitions throughout the world continue to send a message to each of us.

Facebook: denis perrollaz/photos

Instagram: #artistdenisperrollaz

Phone: +33 0 781 914 830

Atelier / Gallery: 81 rue de la Croix de Seguey, Bordeaux – France