Get1Jet is a recent business aviation company based at Le Castellet Airport. The company transports individuals and professionals on demand in France and Europe. After months of work, Get1Jet has just obtained its Air Operator Certificate allowing it to begin its public transport operations of passengers and cargo using its Pilatus PC-12 NG under the new European regulation CAT – SET – IMC. An exceptional and adaptable aircraft The added value of Get1Jet comes mainly from its aeroplane, which has exceptional performance and versatility, but also the flexibility of its structure. Indeed, the Pilatus PC-12 NG offers a spacious cabin allowing to board 6 passengers in VIP configuration or 8 passengers in charter configuration on more than 3000 kilometers away. The aircraft also features a free internet connection for sending mails, internet messages like Messenger and consult light web pages. Finally, The airplane allows to get to aerodromes not served by regular commercial lines respecting schedules of Get1Jet customers in order to bring them closer to their final destination. The plane can land on more than 3,000 airports in Europe, even if the runway is made of grass. Ignaz GRETENER, Vice President General Aviation at Pilatus, comments: “ We are happy to see that after the decision earlier this year by EASA to allow commercial operations withsingle engine turbine aircraft, Get1Jet has chosen a new PC-12 NG for   operation. We congratulate Get1Jet for having obtained the AOC. This is a great achievement and shows that Get1Jet realizes what interesting new perspectives for commercial operators in Europe this new regulation opened up. Get1Jet’s customer’s will much enjoy the spacious and comfortable cabin of the PC-12. With its short take-off and landing capacities, the PC-12 NG will fly Get1Jet’s customers closer to their desired destination!

Jean-Paul AUBERT, Sales Manager Pilatus PC-12 RUAG Aviation, comments: “ Congratulations on getting your Air Operator Certificate after a year and a half of rigorous, serious, enthusiastic work. I salute your professionalism, and wish you a very beautiful and long success.