Some encounters, even if they occur late, are the fruit of essential talents. Haute couture and business aviation meet together thanks to the talented Nazli Hkhani, stylist and collection director at the House Emanuel Ungaro. Paradoxically, parallel worlds can sometimes intersect. So it is with haute couture and business aviation, two worlds whose encounter owes nothing to chance. It was at the instigation of the French designer of Iranian origin, Nazli Hkhani, that the House Ungaro, founded in 1965, began to create uniforms for airline crews.

The famous Avenue Montaigne brand had already successfully completed uniforms for luxury hotel staff. «This was then a discovery for the House Ungaro but also a way to make its know-how known to the major international hotel chains, while keeping the haute couture tailormade spirit» recalls Nazli Hkhani. From this experience, Nazli Hkhani’s teams have pulled the Ariane’s thread that lead them to the creation of uniforms for the yachting world. «Some of our clients are yacht owners and have asked us to create private and unique collections to dress their crews.» Between the world of the sea and that of the air there was only a frieze that the independent stylist has crossed without hesitation: Ungaro branded uniforms were also to conquer the air transport world.

Contrary to what one might think, uniformity is not appropriate to create … a uniform. Moreover, this term can not comply with any regulation. For Nazli Hkhani, the uniform of the air personnel, far from the common image, must be of a «unique creation, faithful to the aspirations of the airline or the private owner, to its history, to its personality, but also be in harmony with the interior design of the aircraft. The House Ungaro has redefined the codes and standards of this garment so emblematic of the air transport world and now intends to bring the the tailor-made concept to the business aviation crews clothing. And the stylist does not hide the ambitions of the fashion designer who discovers recently the particular environment of business aviation: « We are a fashion House with an history,
experience and fame. We must go beyond the customer’s aspiration and trends. Above all, we must imagine the haute couture uniform that will best represent the personality of the owner ». And she ads : « We do not want to get into the uniform market to do like everyone else. We must bring something new and especially creative ».

In fact, Ungaro does not plan to prospect the airlines but to turn to private aviation, so-called «owners aviation». Although this is only a niche market, however, it is a preferred target for Ungaro who permanently welcomes its representatives in its Parisian showroom. There, Nazli Hkhani and his stylists work on timeless projects by conducting historical research and choosing aviation specific materials. Keeping this technical aspect in mind, the House Ungaro adds the haute couture touch that made it world famous. His only motto: create without limit.

Nazli Hkhani: a tailor-made stylist
Nazli Hkhani stunning course reflects her creations. With a degree in textile engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique and a diploma from the Ecole Supérieure des Industries du vêtement, obtained in Paris in 2003. From London to Paris, this French woman of Iranian origin quickly integrated the world of haute couture by imposing her style in tailor-made menswear. «My goal is to highlight today men with a chic and refined look. My stylist experience allows me to accompany my clients in their choices and to help them to perfect their own style through my creations» she underlines while making a sketch. In 2014, building on her experience, Nazli Hkhani created her own label, NHK. Like the London neighborhood of Savile Row, which she particularly likes, she sets up her own private showroom in the heart of Paris, that many personalities and friends visit, such as Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean or the world skateboard champion, Jean Postec. Sportsmen, but also artists and politicians frequent this place which has become in less than five years an emblematic and warm space of men’s fashion in Paris. An independent designer, Nazli Hkhani is, however, regularly solicited by the House Ungaro to create its image clothing collections.
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