When was the last time you had a moment to yourself to create something new?
To separate your day to day experiences and find space for well-being and personal growth. To make lasting change. That’s the essence of Creating Space Yoga Retreats.

As Taran, from Sydney Australia, relates her discovery of yoga and the growth of her business Creating Space Yoga Retreats, I find myself captivated by the same youthful enthusiasm that inspired the early part of my career. An eight-day retreat in the 100 acre grounds of a Maharaja’s palace estate, complete with a personal chauffeur, daily yoga, an Indian guru and a dedicated team of health professionals certainly sounded intriguing.

Taran is based in Holland but travels internationally for her diverse professional activities. She dedicates her time to her yoga practice, her fast growing business, as well as the development of her non-for-profit organization The Village Project. Creating Space Yoga Retreats is a passionate team of health and wellbeing professionals who specialise in yoga, meditation, diet, nutrition and psychology. Taran and her team coordinate wellbeing retreats in Southern India, Himalayas, Philippines and Ladakh, curating itineraries that encourage others to recognise that self-improvement and wellbeing is the most important goal, because it gives us the means to achieve our true purpose. This is why she believes the traditional knowledge of yoga greatly benefits decision makers and highly functioning individuals.

“Eight years ago I found myself drowning in anxiety, depression and insomnia. I would lay awake at night running over my to-do list, and feeling as though I was held hostage to that repetitive thought: there must be more to life. When I would wake up, my mind was exactly where I left it the night before, stressed, doubtful and worried. I was in the middle of an existential crisis and knew I had to bring change to my life.”

At that time,Taran was five years into her first business. Although her professional life was at an all time high, her mental and physical health were at an all time low. After consulting various doctors, she found it hard to comprehend how the different medications they had prescribed could solve the problem and create lasting change. It was at this point in her life that she discovered Yoga. Taran attended one yoga class and noticed the effects immediately. She returned the following day, and the day after that, and after several months of regular practise, she experienced a growing desire to dedicate her life to the sense of peace and wellbeing she discovered in yoga.

Taran decided to sell her business and spent the next year practising yoga in Asia, Africa and Europe before settling in India to be trained in the disciplines of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. She has since returned to India on many occasions, trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas, spending time in local villages and studying her practice. It is from these experiences and relationships that her business Creating Space Yoga Retreats was born. Taran developed a real and enduring connection with the people and the land of Northern India, a relationship which inspired her to found the non-for-profit organisation The Village Project, which aims to provide education, and employment for remote villages in the Himalayan foothills.

We are proud to present this exclusive opportunity to you.

The Exclusive Wellness Immersion  is customized to suit each individual.  Established in 2000 as India’s first destination spa, the Ananda resort estate is set within the established grounds of the royal palace of Narendra Nagar in the Himalayan foothills. The retreat is structured to harmonise your diet, sleep, and yoga practice to encourage full immersion in a daily routine designed to give you the opportunity to create lasting change in your lifestyle. Trained in Ayurvedic traditions, the resort’s chef’s will create a menu specifically tailored to you and your body, cooking with fresh organic produce grown on site.

This retreat includes seven nights in a private room overlooking the Ganges valley, where you will relax and unwind, daily yoga guided by Taran designed to improve your physical, mental and emotional health, seven Ayurvedic spa treatments to reduce toxic build up from stress and lifestyle factors, 7 sessions with our Guru/ Phycologist to assist with self development, a personal driver and English speaking guide, as well as options for day trips in Rishikesh and surrounds.

To find out more about the Exclusive Wellness Immersion, please contact creatingspaceretreats@gmail.com to discuss your requirements. www.creatingspaceyogaretreats.com

By Frédéric Vergnères