L.RAPHAEL’s legendary 7 Foundations embrace well-being and health, nutrition and physical activity, management of age as well as stress and leisure. 

The building on Geneva’s Rue du Rhone has always been offering hair treatments, color and styling. Yet, it was more often about mise-en-beauté – the final touches to arrange the appearance after the skincare therapies. This autumn, the new Hair Department is revealed in that elegant space with a lounge overlooking the lake of Geneva. 

All men and women suffer hair loss that could be caused by so many factors – from stress to hormonal changes or tough sickness such as recent Covid, from the hair that is too greasy or too dry hair, its coloring, washing or brushings… Due to the shifts in eating habits and general lifestyle, there are more and more people who are exposed to the problem and seek how to make their hair healthier and better looking, meaning thicker, with beautiful volume and shine. 

L.RAPHAEL’s signature Oxy-technologies famed for their efficiency in providing immediate and long-lasting effects to the skin are now being applied to the scalp. Advance Oxy-tech II equipment is able to carry the active ingredient, particularly the exclusive nourishing Oxy-Scalp complex, deeper into the skin, which would not be possible with any local application.