Specialist aircraft charter organization Equinox Charter based in London has announced a unique collaboration with global travel authority, Rough Guides.

This unique collaboration is an industry-first, establishing Equinox Charter as the only charter organization to offer specialized local insights as part of passengers’ flight briefs.

Travellers will receive a personalized Rough Guide alongside their itinerary ahead of the trip. This can come in both printed form to peruse in flight, and a handy digital version for quick reference on the go – saving time on local research and unveiling hidden gems from local experts at each destination.

The guides are meticulously researched and packed with practical recommendations and insider tips for making the most of each destination. They will feature a range of curated suggestions such as local eateries, hidden music venues, fun activities, spas, secret vantage points, iconic landmarks and cultural experiences available nearby.

Prepared for each trip, the guides are tailor-made for passengers’ preferences, pre- existing commitments and precise destination, ensuring recommendations are interesting, location-specific and practical, delivering essential information at each destination without the overwhelm of a larger guide.

Equinox Charter are trusted travel partners in private business and leisure travel for corporate clients and individuals. They’re also highly experienced in organizing charters for specialist entertainment, music, film, TV and sports teams. The custom guides can also include specific information pertaining to the reason for the charter, which may include services such as instrument repair facilities, dry cleaners and sports therapists.