Satcom Direct is adding a highly automated carbon reporting tool to the SD Pro® operating system. The new reporting module leverages real-time data generated by SD’s FlightDeck Freedom®  (FDF) datalink service, which accurately captures fuel burn. The system then calculates each flight’s carbon emissions based on the amount of fuel burned, fuel type and blend. This presents operators with validated emissions data for individual aircraft, an entire fleet over a specified period, or for a selected flight. 

The emissions data is run through a refined calculation developed to comply with all regulatory standards to determine the amount of carbon emitted. The reports display a variety of metrics, including how much CO2 has been generated, in which airspace it was produced, and how this compares to previous or other similar trips. This streamlines the computations relating to mandatory and voluntary emission reporting and offsetting, making it easier for operators to present precise reports. 

With the industry pledging to be carbon neutral by 2050, we recognize that aircraft operators need to monitor each flight’s environmental impact. We’ve developed this new tool to help them streamline the calculations, provide seamless access to offset options and give them control over their own reporting and carbon strategy,” says Jim Jensen, Founder and CEO of Satcom Direct. 

Initial availability is anticipated by August 2023. The first phase will enable operators to view CO2 emissions, purchase offset credits, and access associated certificates and records. Satcom Direct will showcase the new module and its ease of use during this year’s EBACE at booth T106.