Winter Aviation Summit 12th March, 

Hôtel des Trois Couronnes, Vevey, Switzerland

The tight community of European business aviation will convene again for the fifth time since the creation of the Winter Aviation Summit at the Gstaad Palace, in the early days of spring 2016.

Professionals from all sectors of the business have now earmarked the date of this rare networking event on their agenda. They are expected to meet early morning 12th March at Hôtel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey, Switzerland, to exchange ideas and strategies, discuss relevant topics and even close deals, in an intimate setting. Attending this unique forum of business aviation are bankers, manufacturers, fiscal experts, insurance brokers, pilots and owners. The event, organized by Sky Events in a friendly atmosphere, celebrates the return of the new spring season with interactive ‘state of the business’ panels and individual presentations by speakers eager to share their vision for the future.

Following a debate on economics and the state of the world, the conversation will run on how cyber-security relates to business aviation.

In a real cyber-physical system (CPS), hardware and software components are closely intertwined. Due to the close networking, the risk of cyber-attacks and their impact on the security of air traffic and society increases.

With prices going down on the pre-owned market, attendees will be advised on how to stay ahead of the curve in sales. They will also be instructed on what markets are on the rise, what are the latest trends on the sales market and how the pilot shortage may affect transactions.

Finally, with the change in the VAT rules post-Brexit they will hear about what will be the legal consequences on aircraft sales & transactions.

The gathering will be caped by a gourmet dinner and an after party.

For the first time this year, Ultimate Jet is proud to announce its partnership with the Winter Aviation Summit. Stay connected and make sure to register in time, as it is still possible to sign up for this not-to-be-missed event.