Luxaviation UK, is expanding the company’s managed fleet with the addition of a brand new aircraft – Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet.

Based in Milan (Italy), the single-engine jet will be the first Luxaviation UK aircraft on the Guernsey Registry.

Luxaviation UK managing director George Galanopoulos says: “Business jet demand has certainly fluctuated in 2020 because of COVID-19 but, even in challenging times, strong and productive aircraft management is always critical.

Managed aircraft may have been inactive for unusually long periods this year but Luxaviation UK has remained constantly vigilant and busy, working hard for our clients. Aircraft must be ready to fly at any time. The owner of this Cirrus is taking advantage of our full management service, delivered 24/7/365 even in a crisis. It covers everything from flight planning and crew provision to comprehensive safety compliance, including meeting our Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation [CAMO] responsibilities.”

Throughout the pandemic we have kept a constructive dialogue open with all key aviation authorities, including the European Union Aviation Safety Agency [EASA]. With international travel restrictions and regulations changing every day, we’re committed to keeping ourselves and our clients informed.

We liaise closely with suppliers and service providers too, renegotiating contracts as necessary with a long-term view to protecting the value of our clients’ managed aircraft assets. Smart management companies can also take the opportunity to bring scheduled maintenance work forward when an aircraft is inactive. And in the case of this new Cirrus jet, we’ll also be complying with all the requirements to hold a Guernsey Registry Private Operator Certificate.

The Cirrus jet will be joining Luxaviation UK’s fleet on December 11.

With a maximum range of 1,275 nautical miles, the Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet can easily connect Milan with key cities across Europe and north Africa.