The British Business General Aviation Association (BBGA) has welcomed the UK Government’s revised quarantine rules for bona fide business travellers flying in to do business with the UK.  Effective 5 December, eligible business travellers, along with people working in entertainment, news and sports sectors will be exempt from the 14-day COVID-19 quarantine requirements.  

Senior executives who will generate ‘significant economic benefit’ to the UK through work that ‘has a greater than 50% chance of creating or preserving at least 50 UK-based jobs to an existing UK business with at least 50 employees or to a new UK business within one year of their arrival,’ qualify.   So do those flying in to buy goods/services from a UK business with a minimum 50 employees, through a £100 million upwards contract or one that would create or preserve 50 or more jobs.

Sean Raftery, BBGA Board Member and Managing Director of Universal Aviation UK said: “This will help restore confidence for many business travellers looking to do business in the UK and buoys the UK economy as we ready to Brexit.  Since March we saw the enthusiasm for travel among our clients change.  Back then they weren’t as comfortable travelling and the quarantine was business prohibitive. Now they feel much safer in the knowledge that attention and investment has been made disinfecting our FBOs and aircraft and with PCR Covid-19 testing becoming more wildly available at our airports and FBOs.”  

Our sector is synonymous with resilience and agility. These new exemptions are welcomed as we take steps back to normality,” he added.