Dreams Soar, Inc., the nonprofit that led a historic global solo flight around the world by pilot Shaesta Waiz, has unveiled the next phase in its mission to transform how the aviation industry inspires, connects, and empowers professionals. Plans are underway to build an all-in-one aviation industry career building resource called The Hub. 

To support construction of The Hub, Dream Soar has launched its Talent Pledge and formation of an industry advisory board consisting of leaders across strategic sectors of education, industry, and government. 

Having met more than 25,000 children through Dream Soar’s participation in more than 60 outreach events, we realized that inspiring young people to get involved in aviation was the relatively easy part. The challenge would come after inspired students began wanting to learn more and get connected,” said Waiz, Dreams Soar’s CEO who founded the nonprofit in 2016. “Additionally, of the students we’ve inspired, we haven’t had the infrastructure to measure their progress or provide them the tools we knew they needed to succeed. So, we’ve decided to build it.” 

 “The Hub,” will launch in the fall of 2023 with support from strategic partners and communities across the United States. 

The opportunity to make an impact is vast, and we have three goals as we build for the long term,” said Dreams Soar COO Michael Wildes.

First, we want students, parents, and educators to be able to discover all the career opportunities available in the aviation industry more fully. 

Second, we want to allow companies to recruit, hire, train, and retain more efficiently. 

Finally, we want to attract and empower professional career service providers around the industry by providing an ecosystem to exist in. This is what will move the industry forward.”