The programs for the Gulfstream G500 and G600 continue to advance according to the aircraft manufacturer. The G500 is entering the final stage of its flight test and type certification program by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), while the G600 has recently completed the Savannah Field Performance Trials. “Both programs remain on track and are methodically moving towards their respective type certifications” said Mark Burns, president of Gulfstream in a press release. To date, the five G500 aircraft have accumulated more than 4,250 hours of flight on more than 1,175 flights. The fourth G500 that enters the flight test program is ready to begin operational and reliability testing, which is the cornerstone of a flight test program and serves to demonstrate the overall reliability of the plane’s final technical designs. These flights, authorized by the FAA, total 300 hours and are used to evaluate the behavior of the aircraft in conditions representative of normal flight conditions, including hot, cold and humid environments.

For this program, Gulfstream went beyond the FAA requirements as part of the certification. The manufacturer has indeed flown a fully equipped production G500 for more than 400 hours. With its advance, Gulfstream sent the aircraft for a world tour to perform customer demonstrations. The G600, meanwhile, has accumulated more than 1,395 hours of flight on more than 360 flights. The next FAA certification test will be the noise perceived while the aircraft flies overhead. The G500 certification includes additional tests required to improve performance. However, the aircraft manufacturer is confident they will begin deliveries in early 2018. Certification and entry into service of the G600 are also planned for this year.