The Stratos 714 was shown for the first time at the Oshkosh AirVenture event which took place on July 24 – 30. The prototype was on display all week near the southwest corner of Boeing Plaza. Since the first flight, on November 21 last year, the aircraft has flown 37 times. The Stratos 714 is a “multi-role” VLJ (Very Light Jet). Designed to seat six people, it can travel 1,200 NM/2,222 km at 400 knots. With a lighter cabin load, it can extend cross country legs up to 1,600 NM/2,963 km. “We have been very pleased with the results of the initial flight test program,” said Stratos CEO Michael Lemaire. “We were able refine the flight controls, improving the feel, and the pilots who have flown the aircraft have given us great feedback.”