In an industry that is constantly changing, RUAG Aviation has been meeting the needs of its expanding customer base for more than 30 years. Today’s challenging market has even aided in creating new strengths and innovations within RUAG Aviation. Moreover in 2016 RUAG Aviation is set to go even further; substantially increasing the number of customers it serves, while maintaining its steadfast commitment to delivering service of the very highest quality.

It was the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus who observed the constant state of change in everything and said, “Ta panta rei:” everything flows; nothing stays the same. Unfortunately, some things in this world seem to change so much faster – and more often – than others. Take for example business aviation, which has altered considerably in recent years. General challenges such as growing pressure at major hubs or inflexibility when it comes to slot assignments are just one side of the coin. Service centres and MTX facilities have opened, while others have closed their doors; newcomers have entered the market and old players have diversified to new areas. For business aviation operators, keeping track of all this change can be a trial in itself.

Throughout its history, RUAG Aviation has never been content to merely “go with the flow”. It has constantly adapted and innovated to meet the changing needs of business aviation, applying its expertise to remain a constant, dependablepartner for its customers – and helping new ones to find their way through the eddies and currents of an industry that is constantly evolving. “RUAG has been a strong player in business aviation for more than 30 years now and it is growing continuously,” says André Ebach, General Manager Business Jets at RUAG Aviation. “Our global customers can count on strong long-term relationships with us and we take the time to fully understand their requirements.”
It helps that RUAG Aviation customers can access a broad and diverse service portfolio that covers the entire lifecycle of an aircraft. From maintenance, repair and complete overhaul (MRO), to cabin refurbishment, cockpit upgrades and painting. RUAG Aviation is a one-stop shop that can offer the full gamut of services in a single downtime, saving money and minimising disruption. It also means that aircraft can spend less time on the ground and more in the sky.

Adapting to change is also about being able to call on the right expertise. Customers place their trust in RUAG Aviation because of its worldwide reputation for the quality of its products and services. Such an enviable reputation is not won easily, and RUAG Aviation understands that the only way of maintaining it is by constantly investing in its people. Whether it concerns the latest technological advance or an innovative new service, the knowledge and skills of every RUAG Aviation employee are kept world class thanks to the company’s steadfast commitment to ongoing education, coaching and development. This means that customers not only receive world-class service, they can relax in the knowledge that their aircraft are in the hands of some of the best-skilled people in the industry.
It is a successful approach, and one that has led to solid growth in RUAG Aviation’s customer base. “Over 500 customers and operators around the world already benefit from our high class quality and services,” says André Ebach. “By the end of 2016, RUAG Aviation will be serving more customers than ever before.”
Nevertheless, whatever flows their way, business aviation customers – both long-term and new – know that they will always be able to depend on RUAG Aviation as their stable partner in a constantly changing world.