During Ebace 2019, Piaggio Aerospace announced the delivery of two P.180 Avanti EVO in V.I.P. configuration respectively to a Swiss and an East-African customer.  

A first Avanti EVO is being delivered – through the Italy-based aviation company Orion Fly – to Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones.

Sir Lindsay already owns, since a decade, the forerunner of the Avanti EVO – notably the first Avanti II manufactured by Piaggio Aerospace – currently operated by Fly Wings SA and managed from an airworthiness standpoint by Alpiwings, two Lugano-based companies.  

The second Avanti EVO will perform its ferry flight from Italy to the African Continent, where the aircraft will be taken over by an undisclosed customer. In the meantime, Piaggio Aerospace is actively working at developing a support organization in the area.  

A few days ago, an Avanti EVO – the first in the region – entered into service in India: the aircraft had been delivered, through Piaggio Aerospace partner in India Business Aviation Private Limited (BAIPL), to an undisclosed customer who already owns and operates an Avanti II.