StandardAero has launched a new business aviation engine exchange program with multiple options for all operators of legacy aircraft powered by TFE731, CFE738 and PW305 engines.  The program also covers Honeywell 36-100/150 series auxiliary power units (APUs). 

“As hull values for legacy aircraft drop, it is increasingly difficult for operators to financially justify the cost of a full engine overhaul,” said Marc Drobny, President of StandardAero’s Business Aviation division.  “With StandardAero’s new engine exchange program, operators are provided with affordable options to keep their aircraft flying and quickly recoup the asset value of remaining engine life.”  

Subject to terms and conditions, StandardAero will offer three different engine exchange options for operators.

1.  Sell Engine:  StandardAero will purchase engine, allowing operator to quickly recoup asset value.

2.  Exchange or Purchase Engine:  Exchange engine or purchase a replacement for an engine with less flight time and avoid the cost of a repair or overhaul to extend the lifecycle of aircraft.

3.  Lease Engine:  StandardAero offers engine leasing to support continued aircraft use for operators not covered by an existing maintenance program.

“While some MROs may offer similar capabilities, StandardAero’s broad market presence and large customer base gives us access to more engines so we can provide customers with more affordable options to extend the operating life of their aircraft,” Drobny concluded.

StandardAero launched the new program in February of this year.  Engine exchange services are managed by StandardAero’s Parts Trading group, located at the company’s Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters.  For more information on the program, call 1-480-377-3131 or email to addition, StandardAero is making significant investments to acquire additional engine inventories with dozens of TFE731, CFE738 and HTF7000 model engines available for sale.  For more information, go to