GE Additive & MagLev Aero senior executives at the Paris Air Show

Boston-based MagLev Aero – an aerospace innovator with more than 20 issued patents underpinning a breakthrough propulsion platform that will enable the next generation of ultraquiet electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft has selected GE Additive’s AddWorksTM consultancy team to support the development of additive technologies and materials for its proprietary MagLev HyperDrive™ aero propulsion platform. 

With a novel engineering approach, MagLev Aero is solving critical challenges in urban eVTOL business models, practicality and deployment. The unique MagLev HyperDrive™ applies the same fundamental principles that drive ultrafast, ultraquiet, high-efficiency maglev trains, but in a circular rotor. This approach has the potential to deliver less noise, more payload, elevated safety and compelling industrial design for high-efficiency electric aircraft. 

MagLev Aero’s propulsion-first business model allows its platform to be integrated into different OEMs’ aircraft concepts and eVTOLs, enabling industrial design elements and use cases previously thought impossible with traditional rotor technology. The first generation of eVTOLs has achieved tremendous milestones, improving the viability of Urban Air Mobility. But the industry, to this point, has yet to solve the critical, real-world challenge of take-off and landing noise. MagLev Aero represents the next generation of electric, ultraquiet, high-performance and safe vertical lift propulsion that’s necessary to bring clean energy flights to everyday people. 

The MagLev HyperDriveä platform represents a transformative step in vertical lift efficiency and aircraft design. By working with AddWorks’ world-class consultants and engineers, we are leveraging advanced technologies and materials to achieve optimal strength and stiffness at the lightest weight on our mission to open up ultraquiet electric air mobility to the masses,” said Rod Randall, MagLev Aero’s co-founder and chairman.