Ultima Corfu is the ultimate escape to paradise. Wellness is very much on the menu and personalized touches will make anyone feel exceptional. 

The private villa’s ‘Doorway to Heaven’ with its infinity pool reflecting the rippling Ionian Sea beyond is a sight that leaves an instant mark upon arrival. 

The stay starts with a consultation from a dietitian, so they can fully understand guest’s needs and requirements. Based on the results and intolerances, meals throughout the week will be perfectly balanced to reenergize, restore and nourish. Think locally sourced fish, meat and vegetarian creations. Detox juices and smoothies will be available throughout to ensure the body is receiving all the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

Every morning a yoga instructor will guide guests in a sunrise session while looking out over the uninterrupted sea views. Take deep inhales and exhales as you hear the waves of the Ionian Sea crashing below. 

After a protein-rich breakfast, it’s time to get the heart rate soaring. Train against the experienced pads of the in-house boxing coach, utilizing the heavy punching bag suspended outdoors for a variety of circuits. Or embark on some water-based Pilates. Balancing on a SUP, gently stretch on the water under the careful guidance of a Pilates instructor. The eagled- eyed will also spot the grassy hills of Albania in the distance. 

Cool off with a swim in the ocean from the private dock before unwinding with an Ultima Signature Massage in the garden. Let the smell of jasmine, rosemary and aromatic oils awaken every sense. Finish the day with a sunset meditation before a tranquil night’s sleep with the sound of the sea as soothing background music.