Lufthansa Technik returns to this year’s NBAA-BACE with a full booth  and crew showing a number of new products, including the Explorer VIP cabin concept.   

The Explorer design concept will be presented for the first time in the United States. The concept is based on the current market trend originating from superyacht owners who want to go to far away places and have their yacht serve as an hotel and/or base camp for a wide  variety of leisure activities and excursions. Lufthansa Technik’s  specialists have chosen the Airbus A330 as the platform for realizing this customer need. As a classic widebody aircraft, it offers sufficient space for a large number of novel cabin ideas and also a sufficiently long range to fulfill the desires of the Explorer target group. Within the overarching theme of “explorers and adventure”, there is an exclusive extension: in collaboration with the renowned luxury mobility brand BRABUS, a special Adventure Lounge is offered on the aircraft lower deck, which can be viewed from the main deck through a glass floor.

With a dedicated after-market sales team for «nice», cabin management system for business jets, Lufthansa Technik 
announced product developments tailored to the growing needs of Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350 operators. The newly 
created product portfolio consists, for example, of an attractive retrofit-offer which provides an unrivalled high-definition screening experience, bluetooth connectivity and many other options. “This  best-in-class business jet, with easy to install 21st century  technologies on board, will take the customer experience to the next  level,” said Gordon Weller, Director Aftermarket & Customized Solutions. 

LHT presented also the NBAA Convention, TIOS (Three-In-One-Solution), the inhouse-developed radome and structural integration unit for mounting on the vertical stabilizer of the aircraft, lately integrated new antennas and Satcom Direct Plane Simple Ku-band variant tail-mount and Collins’ “Ku-SAT 2000” can now be installed in TIOS as well as Otonomy’s “CAMHD-T Camera” and the Aerial View System  “AVS900”. Besides, a Supplemental Type Certificate to install TIOS on the Boeing 737-9 is in the planning process.