Following the discovery of the ACJ TwoTwenty, Didier Wolff, CEO and designer of Happy Design Studio, imagined a particularly striking livery, highlighting the energy and exceptional performance of the aircraft launched by Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) in 2021.

©Happy Design Studio

The livery is built on four diagonal black power lines that rest firmly on the front curvature of the ACJ’s karman like a framework. On these lines dominates a transverse black surface that cuts the cockpit frontally. As for the colors, five shades of green and a light blue guide the eye towards the centerboard and unify the general perception of the livery.

If for the moment, it is not a partnership between the designer and the European manufacturer, Didier Wolff believes that it is “a first step on a personal basis to show the design possibilities on the ACJ TwoTwenty, which turns out to be an aircraft with curves and a particularly inspiring design

Happy Design Studio

For his customers who wish, other color variations will be available on this basis.