A rediscovered treasure trove of Lalanne Sculpture will be offered in a dedicated Auction at Sotheby’s Paris on 4th October 2023

This October, Sotheby’s Paris will offer just under twenty sculptures by Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, rediscovered in Ury, France. These are the last pieces remaining in their private collection. The treasure trove had remained hidden in a separate room in one of the buildings that made up their home, the door long-concealed by large bronze bulls, among François-Xavier’s largest, and heaviest creations. 

The offering includes some of the artists’ most recognizable designs as well as lesser known and unique creations. Together, the capsule collection perfectly captures the inimitable spirit of Les Lalanne. The most iconic lot of the sale is the ‘Boîte de Sardines’. The truly surrealist work in the form of a tin of sardines was commissioned in 1971 by high-society supermodel Jane Holzer, who was curating an exhibition of furniture in New York at Leo Castelli Gallery, the dealer to Andy Warhol and Cy Twombly. The piece
 was in later years acquired by legendary dealer and collector Alexander Iolas. The Lalanne however retained a soft spot for it, and bought the ‘Boîte de Sardines’ back for themselves at a Sotheby’s auction in 2005. 

Prior to the auction, the sculptures were photographed in the captivatingly beautiful gardens of the Château de Courances, a short drive from Les Lalanne’s home, in a tribute to their mastery of the natural world and their constant engagement with the world around them.