Ronit Raphael and Dr. Gumener, co-founders of the Swiss brand, have revealed the future opening of L.RAPHAEL in Dubai next autumn, in partnership with MEDCARE. The announcement was made at the Cannes Film Festival last May during a glamorous lunch held on a private yacht moored in the ‘Vieux Port’. With its network of four hospitals and over twenty medical centers scattered throughout the diverse communities of Dubai & Sharjah, MEDCARE is a paragon of medical excellence in the UAE. In November 2022, along with Aster DM, it unveiled ‘Wellth’, Dubai’s pioneering Integrative Medicine center, ushering in a new era of holistic healthcare. 

We are thrilled with the upcoming opening in Dubai,” commented Ronit Raphael and Dr. Raphael Gumener. “This is the first time that we shall promote our ‘Seven Foundations’ in one place thanks to the knowledge of hundreds of doctors as well as an extensive cutting-edge infrastructure that MEDCARE brings in. Our signature skincare technologies and holistic approach will be applied in combination with advanced dermatology, aesthetics, plastic surgery, health and leisure management. Complimenting that, so much is to be discovered at the new Wellth center: from anti-aging, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine to infrared and other treatments supported with state-of-the-art machines”. 

Addressing the Cannes guests from Dubai, Alisha Moopen, Managing Director of Medcare and Aster DM Healthcare, highlighted: “For years, we have been exploring the international beauty market in search of a partner that would be a visionary, a trend-setter with whom we would share similar holistic approach and similar values. This alliance is set to scale new heights in the UAE’s aesthetic industry. The L. RAPHAEL-MEDCARE partnership, underscores the progressive future of the healthcare and beauty industries in Dubai, where traditional medical practice is being seamlessly integrated with contemporary aesthetics and wellness philosophies”.