Photo: Darya Ekamasova between Ronit Raphael (right) and her son Julian – ©  Sylvie Castioni

L.RAPHAEL Genève, a Swiss visionary cosmetic brand, famous for its pioneering holistic Seven Foundations philosophy and revolutionary technologies, invited VIPs to its annual celebration of Beauty at the Cannes Film Festival

This time the premiere took place onboard an art-deco yacht. While sailing off the Palais des Festivals, guests were offered a unique experience before stepping onto the red carpet. They discovered Green Caviar and enjoyed the new gala treatment at the exclusive private spa. 

For 13 years now, L.RAPHAEL Genève has upheld the tradition of launching ground-breaking scientific skincare products and treatments during the Cannes Film Festival. Behind the scene, year after year, savvy stars entrust themselves to L.RAPHAEL Genève for a stunning glow in front of the cameras. Immediate effects of youthful and radiant skin gifted by L.RAPHAEL Genève have been highly appreciated by many celebrities, most of them becoming faithful fans and friends of the reputable Swiss brand and of its creators. 

One such is filmmaker Darya Ekamasova, a longtime personal friend of Founder Ronit Raphael and this year’s winner of the coveted Palme d’Or Award, with her film Anora. 

Madame Raphael greeted the guests of this very private gathering together with Professor Paolo Giacomoni, Head of L.RAPHAEL’s R&D who presented the newest achievements in longevity and skin longevity.