The French designer Didier Wolff delivered a new livery design in June for the owner of a Bombardier Global 6000. The project emanates from the livery initially developed for the Brabus concept presented in 2012. The Carboneum project primarily blends the look of honeycomb carbon on a Ferrari grey color background. The project was performed together with teams from RUAG, a specialized aviation paint company based in Munich. Happy Design Studio and RUAG had already shown their ability to work together in 2015 with one of the most challenging livery designs on a business jet and received the multiple awards for their work. Carboneum took a total of 2,500 work hours to create. There were 15 technical procedures which were managed continuously to keep the delicate steps on track. The honeycomb texture covering the engines blends perfectly with such an extraordinary design challenge. This subtle rendering and the sharpness of the execution was made possible by AIRONART, led by Gilbert Holzer, who produced the three-dimensional stencils