At the end of April, Bombardier Business Aircraft premiered a new type of seat called Nuage (French word for cloud). For the aircraft manufacturer, it is the first new seat design in business aviation for 30 years. Designed to maximize comfort and relaxation on long-haul flights, the Nuage chair has a pronounced tilt and, according to the manufacturer, is ergonomically perfect. Because unlike other aircraft seats which only offer tilting backrests, pushing the body forward and causing discomfort, the Nuage seat features a patented tilting system that tilts the entire seat at the same time as the backrest, maintaining full body support without additional pressure on the legs. “In the design of the Nuage seat, we looked at every conceivable passenger and in-flight comfort we could get and went from there,” says Peter Likoray, Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, before adding: “These principles of empathic design have inspired us to create the most innovative seat the industry has seen in thirty years. “