European Medical Drone, the Swedish drone operator focusing on connecting hospitals by means of drone transportation, and Dufour Aerospace, the Swiss eVTOL innovator have signed a development cooperation and purchase agreement for 11 Aero2 uncrewed tilt-wing aircraft. The agreement includes the delivery of one Aero2 X2.3 prototype aircraft in 2024 and 10 serial Aero2 aircraft with delivery starting in 2026.  Savback Helicopters, Swedish helicopter vendor and partner of Dufour Aerospace, is assisting this transaction.

Dufour’s Aero2 is exactly what we are looking for, and at this stage, we do not see another product offering the same features close to market entry,” said Martin Braaen, Founder of European Medical Drone. “Our mission is to facilitate sharing of vital resources among hospitals. Our system allows hospitals to request and receive essential supplies such as blood, medicines, and medical equipment. As we have a focus on connecting hospitals which are several hundred kilometres apart, we need long-range, heavy-lift, uncrewed aircraft with a lot of redundancy for safety”. 

Our Aero2 has exactly been designed for the delivery of critical cargo over long distances, facilitating today’s logistics where this is beneficial,” said Thomas Pfammatter, CEO and Co-founder of Dufour Aerospace. “Connecting hospitals in a fast, reliable and efficient way makes a lot of sense in our eyes, and this will even become more important in the future. This development cooperation and purchase contract is of particular importance to us, as it confirms that our high-level specifications meet not only use cases overseas, but also in Europe.