Textron Aviation has successfully completed a world circuit with its newest model, the Cessna Citation Longitude. Throughout Petiple, the Longitude has traveled more than 31,000 Nm – 57,410 km – achieved in 27 stages over 12 countries.

“This large-scale tour has allowed us to meet the growing demand from customers around the world…, “said Rob Scholl, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The Longitude began its world tour on January 27th when the aircraft departed Textron Aviation’s headquarters in Wichita, Kansas bound for the Singapore Airshow. The aircraft then toured the region and demonstrated its long-haul performance over more than 3,504 Nm – 6,500 km – linking Singapore to Sydney in Australia. Before returning to the United States, the Longitude completed several demonstration flights across Europe, making stops for customers in Sweden, France, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. On its return flight to the United States, Citation Longitude carried a crew of two pilots and two passengers on the 3,094 Nm – 5,730 km – flight from Farnborough, United Kingdom (EGLF) to White Plains, New York (HPN), for a flight time of 6 hours 50 minutes and a speed of Mach 0.82. “We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback we have received throughout the World Longitude Tour,” said Scholl before concluding, “With the roaring production, type certification, and entry into service fast approaching, we are looking forward to launching this aircraft on the market. “