Every newly manufactured Dassault Falcon delivered to Part 91 operators now includes AviationManuals’ Ready Flight International comprehensive compliance and safety solution. This alliance ensures private flight operators can easily meet international requirements as soon as possible. Ready Flight International is designed to provide an innovative readiness solution that stays one step ahead of ever-changing regulatory requirements. 

Through the new alliance, ‘Ready Flight International’ has become a part of Dassault Falcon’s seamless aircraft delivery experience, offering reliable service coverage for international procedures, LOA support, Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs), SAFA prep, risk assessement, and document management. 

Dassault Falcon works closely with AviationManuals, allowing for the development of the procedures and authorizations specific to each aircraft with as little information needed from the operator as possible. “Our number one priority is to require less work by Dassault Falcon’s clients when preparing their aircraft for their future flights” said Mark Baier, CEO of AviationManuals.

AviationManuals and Dassault Falcon are both acutely aware of the challenging hurdles required to operate internationally, and are committed to always keeping their operating customers up to date. This alliance is a testament to Dassault Falcon and AviationManuals’ dedication to safe flight operations and mutual commitment to provide the best customer service in business aviation.