X-1 Jets, the private jet company founded two years ago by Benjamin Lehmann, simplifies the lives of entrepreneurs by saving them time and money. Combining aviation expertise and technology, the startup company offers a thorough understanding of customer needs, ensuring a seamless experience and optimized pricing. 

Innovation and technology are key. With an intuitive online platform and advanced tools, the startup makes it easy for customers to book, manage and track flights. Technology also helps optimize costs and provide a seamless and fluid travel experience. 

With access to a fleet of the latest private jets and a hand-picked team of experts, X-1 Jets provides an exceptional travel experience, whether for a VIP charter or a special mission such as transporting artwork or pets. Fully dedicated to its customers, the startup takes care of every detail. French excellence and technological know-how are reflected in all aspects, from the quality of the fleet of private jets used to the unique services available on board.