AMAC has welcomed an Airbus A319 aircraft at its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, for a heavy base maintenance check and a KA band installation, and a head-of-state Airbus 330 has entered AMAC Aerospace’s hangar doors in Basel.

A C-check in conjunction with a full IFE upgrade to large 4K monitors, new switch panels and further enhancements for the passengers’ comfort during operations will be performed by AMAC Aerospace’s experienced Airbus team. AMAC’s in-house developed STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for the KA band installation on A330-200 aircraft will be re-used when installing a KA band system on the head-of-state aircraft. In addition, AMAC will refurbish the seats and the aircraft is undergoing an ‘Obsolesce Program’, where all the obsolete parts and components of the aircraft are removed and will be replaced with current state-of-the-art parts and equipment.