In an industry first, AirGO, a single-fleet sales, management and charter airline, and Victor, one of Europe’s largest award-winning on-demand jet charter providers, have announced a partnership that proposes the introduction of an “opt-out” sustainable aviation fuel into their standard pricing structure.

A new quoting format will promote the use of sustainable aviation fuel and reverse the approach of existing systems by asking buyers if they wish to “opt out” of the program, rather than asking them to “sign up” at the end of the transaction. The AirGO- Victor initiative will apply to all AirGO flights booked through Victor’s transparent marketplace and will mean that the cost of sustainable aviation fuel will be built into the total price of the flight. The project uses AirGO’s SAF Book & Claim model, developed in partnership with CO2 offset specialist Lufthansa. If customers do not wish to fly with an aircraft using CO2-neutral synthetic aviation fuel, they can actively opt out of the program.

The project, which is scheduled to go live in early 2022, aims to make travelers aware of the environmental impact of a trip and enable them to reduce their emissions. This follows a study by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which revealed that the uptake of these opt-in emissions offset programs is very low (1% for commercial flights). AirGO and Victor’s initiative will make it easier for consumers to take responsibility for their carbon footprint, while increasing the demand for sustainable aviation fuel in the business aviation industry.

Daniela Flierl, CEO of AirGO, said, “By partnering with Victor, we recognize the role we as businesses must play in ensuring the sustainable future of our industry and our planet, and we seek to inspire individuals to make more environmentally friendly choices. The most common carbon offset schemes available today encourage reforestation and renewable energy programs that “offset” or minimize the damage caused by carbon emissions. The problem with these approaches is that they have a delayed impact, and we all know that’s not enough. In comparison, the use of sustainable aviation fuel results in an immediate reduction in carbon emissions. While the industry obviously has a long way to go, this project is a first step toward normalizing the need to make sustainable choices when traveling.”

Toby Edwards, co-CEO of Victor, comments, “At Victor, we believe in a better way to fly, and part of that mission is to make it easier for our customers to reduce their carbon emissions when they choose to charter an aircraft. This innovative new partnership with AirGO, a company I’ve worked with for nearly a decade, is a perfect fit for our vision. Like Victor, AirGO is passionate about transparency, particularly the disclosure of carbon emissions for each flight. This joint initiative will allow Victor customers to easily compare the fuel-efficient Piaggio Avanti with the sustainable aviation fuel included in the rental price, side-by-side with other more carbon-intensive options, which we hope will promote better decision-making. This is just one part of a much larger project to support the adoption of advanced fuels and we are excited to see adoption by our customers and the broader broker community.”