This year, the Nuremberg-based full-service provider for business aviation and air ambulance services is looking back on 15 successful years for its maintenance line station in Vienna.

Aero-Dienst started out in 2006 by providing line services to Vienna-based Learjet operators and has steadily expanded the range of both its services and its authorizations to work on a wider variety of aircraft models and manufacturers, thereby continually increasing its capacity. The Vienna team has grown over the years and today is able to provide all of the main services and maintenance as part of its line maintenance approval for current Bombardier and Dassault products. In 2017, Dassault Aviation designated the Vienna line station as an Authorized Service Center.

This success story has only been possible due to the efforts of the enthusiastic and highly competent Vienna team, which has grown to 10 employees in the last five years. It includes five licensed technicians with multiple type ratings, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in aircraft maintenance. A combination of on-site logistics and prep work for managing the administration of customer orders with twice the hangar space make the service at Aero-Dienst Vienna even more flexible and efficient. The team currently completes up to 500 maintenance events per year. Aero-Dienst has expanded its capacities in response to specific customer requirements. A component shop for wheels and batteries has been integrated into the Vienna line station, making replacement parts available as required.

Austrian and international core customers who regularly land in Vienna increasingly use these stops to have maintenance work done at the Aero-Dienst station; they are also attracted by the bustling business aviation airport in Vienna. Thanks to good national and international airline connections, charter operators can pick up extra passengers to avoid empty flights or effortlessly switch crews here. Its central location allows quick access to many local airports (Graz, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb) in case of AOG. 

Christian Weigl, Aero-Dienst’s Vienna Station Head, says: In general, our work is guided by our customers’ requirements – as well as those of potential customers. So, we have set ourselves the goal of steadily expanding our maintenance portfolio to new aircraft types and of growing in a circumspect way. We thank our customers for the confidence they put in us, which in turn is the consistent result of the quality of our work and the performance and commitment of our team. He adds: It is this good customer relationship, grounded in trust, that gives us new inspiration and keeps us striving for new avenues of development.”

In addition to its headquarters in Nuremberg, Aero-Dienst also operates a station in Vienna and one in Klagenfurt, and this year saw the opening of a maintenance station in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich. The component shop in Landsberg am Lech allows Aero-Dienst to provide fast and local repairs for maintenance operators in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.