Volato has officially launched its offering with a custom HondaJet Elite S fleet. The company has already sold shares of its first jet which was delivered earlier this month.

Volato announced it has ordered multiple aircrafts from the Honda Aircraft Company, with the remaining ones scheduled to arrive in Q4 and 2022. Volato already had a HondaJet in its fleet and 3 smaller Cirrus aircraft. The new Jets will be delivered to the Company’s home base located at the Peachtree DeKalb Airport in Atlanta and then distributed to its own bases throughout the Southeast.

The new HondaJet Elite S features several upgrades that expand operational capability. Customers can now fly up to 120 nm (138 mi) further than the previous model or take an additional passenger during their typical mission. “The HondaJet is the perfect equipment choice for our mission focus, which is 1-4 passengers travelling sub-3 hour flights,” says Matt Liotta Co-Founder and CEO at Volato. Volato is the only fleet operator of the HondaJet to fully upgrade the cabins, including a full Galley, executive leather chairs, inbuilt surround sound system and more.

Volato manages furnishings, maintenance, fees, and flight operations; owners simply schedule flights through the Volato app, show up, and relax. On-board amenities include a fresh-brew coffee system, a dual divided ice drawer, and generous storage for catering, snacks, beverages. In the jet’s lavatory there is a brightly lit vanity mirror, dual mini skylights, a vessel sink with running water, a leather appointed seat lid and roomy cabinets for personal-hygiene items.

As existing jet-share owners, we are familiar with the decision owners have to make before each flight regarding whether they use their own aircraft or fly commercial,” says Nicholas Cooper Co-Founder of Volato. “Our team is transforming the industry, with an innovative business model that detaches ownership from usage, making it more practical and financially efficient for owners to use a private plane on more of their flights without compromising on safety, luxury or experience.

Volato Jet Shares allow owners to take full advantage of all the benefits of owning a private plane, without the stress of managing the upkeep and logistics. Shares can be purchased at 1/16, 1/8, 1⁄4, 1⁄2 or a whole aircraft of one of the HondaJet Elite S fleet; shares represent a 5-year program term. Flights run for as low as $2,450 per hour (including fuel) and owners earn up to $1,250 profit per hour for underutilized entitled hours that are used by non-owners.