Over the last 12 months, London Oxford Airport tenant Volare Aviation, UK launch customer of the Lilium Jet, has taken its full-scale eVTOL mock up to various events to raise awareness of the jet among its client base.  

We have already sold some with delivery slots for 2026. The aircraft is fully customisable inside for four to six people, with a payload of about 490 kilos. Range will improve when battery and battery technology evolves,” commented Nick Isbister, Volare Director of sales. 

As with any emerging technology, next-gen aircraft lack certainty, they lack a track record or a safety record, which is what insurers want, so the need for collaboration is great. “We need to be educated and have these new technologies explained and to understand how they will be used. We need the industry to communicate with us and to be transparent. If we’re being asked to take a risk, we need to feel confident that you are telling us all the potential risks and hazards before we commit to insuring it,” said Matthew Day, Gallagher Director General Aviation.

As an industry, insurers will always presume the worst, so making sure insurers are engaged early on is critical. “If we’re involved from an early stage, we can support the business and be part of the infrastructure.”