AeroBuyNow celebrated its third transaction closing six months after its establishment in Monaco. « So far we sold a Cessna Citation Mustang, a Dassault Falcon 900EXy and an Airbus Corporate Helicopters H125.

With the election of the new United States president 2 years ago, business aircraft markets received a boost worldwide. There are many good buys you can profit from as a consequence of owners upgrading. Selling is also far less complicated today than it was during the aftermath of Lehmann Brothers’ collapse. If your aircraft pedigree/price ratio is good, you will see well within 6 months. It could have easily taken you beyond 12 months between 2008 and 2017. Some markets are super hot with more demand than supply and it can turn very difficult to find good buys.» remarks Mathieu Pezin, co-founder.

AeroBuyNow, established in Monaco in February 2019, optimizes and protects your interest when buying or selling your aircraft. You may go over the exclusive listings and off market opportunities of Aerobuynow here: and meet with Mathieu Pezin at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019 to start optimizing: cell phone +33784265143!