The TAG Trained Pilot Scheme, an in-house pilot training program aimed at fostering local talent, was established in 2015 and sponsors TAG employees to become a pilot from ab-initio to a full type rating on a business jet. 

Angel Wun, the latest member of the program, will gain her first type rating on a Gulfstream 650, which starts this month at CAE Singapore. 

She has been instructing in TAG’s sister company, Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) since 2019, finishing her tour as a Grade Two Instructor with Instrument and multi- engine training approval. She was also awarded the Sir Donald Anderson Award in 2022 with her CASA ATPL results. 

According to Angel, teaching from a single engine to a twin-engine aircraft, from VFR to IFR has given her a unique insight, with the added satisfaction of helping students go through their training, was irreplaceable in her gaining the required experience. By the end of her journey in FTA, Angel had more than 2100 flying hours. 

After four years, Angel is rejoining TAG Aviation as a junior first officer, moving from flying as an instructor on a piston engine aircraft to flying a business jet. 

Angel will be the 3rd pilot after Tinny Tse and Lawrence Lau to fly for TAG. These previous cadets are both type rated on a Global 6000 and flying on the TAG fleet. The latest candidate is Jonathan Tam, who started the training last year and is currently instructing at FTA.