Satcom Direct, with headquarters on the Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida, is strengthening its customer offering with the opening of a new office in Basel, Switzerland. Strategically positioned in the heart of one of Europe’s major business aviation hubs, the increased regional footprint demonstrates SD’s commitment to enhancing customer support and establishing a center of excellence for partners and clients. Satcom Direct has 14 additional locations in 11 countries, including the UK, UAE, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and Brazil. Its hardware development and manufacturing base is located in Ottawa, Canada.

The Basel-based team will collaborate with international SD development teams to accelerate product enhancements, develop innovative software initiatives, and support the continued evolution of SD Pro®, the flight operations management system. Basel is a pivotal point for SD European operations and supports seamless communication and assistance to clients, as well as bolstering European sales and marketing activity. The Swiss city also provides access to a pool of talented professionals in the technology and commercial sectors, which will help SD foster a dynamic environment for software engineers and developers.

SD’s Vice President International David Falberg says, “This strategic investment underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional support to our clients while driving innovation in software development for the business aviation community. Basel is home to a number of our major MRO partners. As we continue embedding ourselves in the immediate and wider vicinity, we will continue providing localized 24/7/365 support, enriched training solutions and a facility that enables us to engage regularly with our customers through workshops and customer-focused events to optimize their connectivity potential.” 

With the rapid rollout of the SD Plane Simple tail mount Ku-band antenna and the upcoming introduction of the Ka-band variant, continued expansion in Europe will also streamline installations in the region.