This new model from the American firm could come straight out of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works studio. Its unmatched pace and performance gives the “Super Car” the image of a project vehicle with a unique performance.

If this new version of the Targa Coupe is in no way related to the engineers of the famous “polecat”, the Beast Alpha X claims in contrast to be a pure tribute to the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, the ultimate reconnaissance plane. The performance of this extraordinary aircraft is legendary. With a Mach 3.0 speed, a range of 4,800 km and an operational ceiling of 26,000m, only 32 units of the SR-71 has been produced. A rarity that was only rarely seen in public when it was in operation from 1968 to the end of the 1990s.

Mach 3+

Much like the extraordinary twin engine, the Californian firm Revzani set itself the goal of providing the purest possible line for its model by favoring an exceptional weight / power ratio: 975 kg for a weight / power ratio. of 1.39kg / HP. This result is reflected in the massive use of carbon fiber in the body’s manufacture and the adoption of an engine developed in collaboration with the Cosworth teams. The same teams who, back in the day, developed the mythical Ford. This 2.4-liter, 500-horsepower engine features an innovative and highly efficient turbocharger. The Beast X can accelerate from 0 to 100 Km / h in just 3.2 seconds. To give a little more performance to this exceptional car, Revzani offers an optional six-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel controls for $ 15,000.

Black really suits you

To refer back to the Blackbird, the Beast Alpha X is of course only available in black or more exactly in the shade Mirror Black Metallic enhanced with a lime green trim. Much like the removable “hard top”, also designed in carbon fiber. A material also widely used for the interior complemented by some elements in metal and leather. Three shades, black, tan and red are available for the latter, which consist of seats and a steering wheel cover. The lime border is also found in this interior via the stitching on each leather element. If the basic layout is particularly ergonomic and full of details (probably a little less than on an SR-71 anyway!), Revzani offers some additional optional elements such as the carbon fiber bucket seat for 5,000 $ or the “Premium Alpine Sound System” audio system for $ 2,500.

These few options will soon make this “steed” a car with two stand out features. The Beast Alpha X “Blackbird” is indeed doubly exceptional because its production run is limited to just five cars. Just like the machine it pays tribute to, the Alpha X is aimed at an exceptional clientele who is ready to pay out for the $ 225,000 option.

By Frédéric Vergnères