Albinati Aeronautics is now Electronic Operational Flight Plan (EOFP) approved on both of its Air Operator Certificates (AOCs)

Albinati Aeronautics has been Electronic Tech Log (ETL) and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) approved for many years, and from March 1, 2024 the company will be able to claim the status of an entirely paperless cockpit thanks to the implementation of EOFP systems throughout its entire fleet, revolutionizing the way pilots access crucial information and streamline operations. 

Transitioning to paperless cockpits marks a significant milestone for Albinati Aeronautics, setting a new standard for efficiency, sustainability, and safety in the aviation industry. 

With the final implementation of EOFP systems, cockpit environments will undergo a remarkable transformation. Paper manuals and charts are being replaced by iPads equipped with Apple Pencils for seamless navigation and annotation. Operational flight plans, aircraft technical status, weather charts, route plans, airport information and many more additional company and flight information will be displayed on the iPads. 

 The benefits of paperless cockpit initiative extend far beyond the cockpit itself. By eliminating the need for traditional paper documentation, the workload for both pilots and operations department are significantly reduced. Moreover, the transition to electronic systems has yielded tangible financial and environmental benefits, including reduced weight and paper usage. 

Through advanced synchronization technology, dual-pilot cockpit setups ensure redundancy and reliability, with documents seamlessly transferred between devices in the event of technical issues.