OMNI Handling commits to plant one tree in Portugal for each ground handling assistance. Portuguese forests cover 40% of the territory but are threatened each year by devastating wild fires that destroy tens of thousands of hectares of forest. As a Portuguese handling company, OMNI Handling wants to encourage its clients, aircraft operators, to promote clean energy and to participate in the preservation of this European sanctuary of biodiversity. Therefore, and considering this main objective, 500 trees have already been planted in Marvão and Meda (Portugal) in partnership with Reforest’Action, a social enterprise founded in 2010 involved amongst other things in the reforestation of areas that have been affected by forest fires in recent years. According to Ricardo Pereira, CEO of OMNI Handling, “based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) forecast, emissions from international aviation that affect the global climate are expected to increase through 2050. As part of the aviation industry, OMNI Handling is fully aware of this threat and is willing to take action and participate in the preservation of nature. By encouraging the use of innovative practices and the development of cleaner technologies, our industry will be able to reduce the impact on the environment. By supporting Reforest’Action, we want to demonstrate our commitment with the active support of our entire team. After reducing our carbon footprint, simple actions like planting trees can have a significant impact for the future”.