Private aviation imposes very strict standards in terms of food safety, and has to cope with additional constraints such as preserving the taste of dehydrated foods. The caterers selected and with whom the private aviation companies work hand in hand, know these constraints and know how to manage them in order to guarantee the quality of the meals served aboard private jets.

It has become essential to offer high quality products for a demanding clientele. This is why private jet companies call on experts who are knowledgeable to maintain excellence at the highest level.

This is because the luxury catering companies have understood that they offer high-end services to ensure a successful flight and the satisfaction of customers.

In order to guarantee excellence and irreproachable quality, the products used must above all reflect the excellence of the caterers and offer the best of each product. Traceability, reliability and freshness are the most important points to master. They allow the clients to forge privileged links with the most famous stakeholders around the world. Thanks to an unyielding commitment to offer the best of each product, luxury catering companies offer to their customers a consistent level of quality throughout the year.

The perfect knowledge of its suppliers and their know-how, and for certain products, the very control of the entire production chain, allows for a rigorous and outstanding quality audit.


An extraordinary expertise

The main players in this luxury sector must maintain excellence to the highest degree. The expertise of a trade or the know-how, based on values ​​anchored in the Caterers’ identity, are key elements to become the reference in the luxury catering sector aboard private jets.

The offer must be thought through in advance. It is well known that at altitude the tastes and flavors are modified. The products must be of extreme freshness and invariable quality in order to be able to offer a top of the range and quality service. Raw materials are therefore very important and must be meticulously selected.

Wagyu bovine meat, Sologne Imperial Caviar, Baeri Caviar, Ossetra Royal Sologne Caviar and smoked salmon have to be of remarkable quality.

The shortest paths from producer to consumer are therefore the most appreciated in order to guarantee an irreproachable traceability of products.


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