Luxury catering in private aviation

Private aviation is a luxury sector where every flight has to be unique for the customer. From takeoff to landing, everything lies in the art of leaving an exceptional memory to the customer thanks to an absolutely irreproachable service. A requirement and a quality of service apply in particular to catering and offers on board.

To satisfy the passenger, it is essential to personalize all requests by proposing a tailor-made service. Each flight reflects the personality of each customer. Several companies have become over the years expert in the world of luxury catering for private jet companies. They know how to anticipate the slightest demand and offer only excellence to their customers. This excellence and quality of service is the result of real teamwork where all the steps are crucial from the moment the flight is triggered. During the preparation, the mobilized teams remain in permanent link with the crew to answer meticulously the unique requests of each passenger.

Growing up and evolving in the world of business aviation facilitate understanding and codes. It is by identifying the constraints of the crew staff but also the needs and expectations of the passengers that it is possible to offer the best service on board. The key to exceptional catering lies in being able to anticipate each need but also to be flexible on each request by being as responsive as possible. Catering requests must be studied and taken into account as quickly as possible in order to better manage the passenger’s expectations. In order to ensure exceptional service, it is imperative to give utmost importance to these expectations and to satisfy them completely from order taking to delivery.

By creating a strong link and proximity to stewards and hostesses, but also with customers, it is possible to offer a service and a tailor-made service. Everything fits every flight. It is imperative to also adapt to the world of aviation to ensure the highest quality and freshness of products to offer the same experience as in a restaurant or shop. At altitude, the tastes and flavors are modified. As the cabin of the aircraft is pressurized, physical and chemical distortions modify the food molecules. The products must be of extreme freshness and invariable quality to offer a high-end service. It is essential to meticulously select quality products and to favor short circuits between producer and consumer to ensure perfect traceability. The taste and flavor of the products are thus preserved, the passenger will feel the same pleasure of taste as on the ground.

In business aviation, the numerous constraints require precision. An exceptional flight is characterized by a thorough knowledge of passenger requirements. The exceptional catering is characterized by an ability to anticipate their culinary preferences and to prepare accordingly the refined dishes that will be presented to them during the flight.

Companies specializing in luxury catering have incorporated all these constraints and offer their recognized expertise to business aviation companies so that they can offer on board their aircraft a high-end service combining in-flight comfort and culinary excellence.