In a time of business aviation marked by a hypercompetitive market, onboard service, and more particularly catering, has become a major issue for operators.

The meal time onboard flights, especially long-haul, remains undoubtedly a key element in the success of a flight. Nevertheless, this type of catering has long been characterized by a glaring lack of high-end services, with rare exceptions. Yet gastronomy and business aviation are a priori a marriage of convenience. But in fact, the challenge raised remains important for the multitude of stakeholders in the world of catering. Because in recent years, the trend and tastes of travelers have changed radically towards a local cuisine, which is more ecological. They also want the airlines to monitor the proposed food more closely. In fact, the search for a product that is increasingly fresh and with fewer and fewer intermediaries has become a cardinal value for these exceptional consumers.

Short circuits

It is known from experience, tastes and flavors change with altitude. It has become essential to offer real quality products. The challenge today, whatever the size and frequency of the programmed flight, is to compete with the big restaurants. In fact, the basic preparation of ingredients and their freshness remains an intransigible part of the equation of quality and in particular by anticipating the fact that the work of the hostess will rely on their prowess to work with a cramped space and little equipment. We can bet on dishes ready to be warmed up, but with a more careful preparation upstream. The aromatic and taste preservation is only preserved if certain rules are perfectly respected. Without precaution, the warming of some products will indeed tend to lead to a loss of their flavors. The secret lies in the choice of raw materials and flavors which will be de facto be preferred. Fish and meat must be of exceptional quality and the farms must follow a traditional know-how. Hence the importance of product traceability and therefore short producer / consumer circuits. Cooking is an art that is first done on the ground.

Preparation: the importance of packaging

Entities such as La Maison Nordique have clearly understood the relevance and evolution of needs. As the leading supplier of top chefs and luxury hotels around the world, the company has developed its know-how for the world of aviation. La Maison Nordique offers dishes based on the finest ingredients for an original result full of new flavors based on a menu made to measure for the on-board catering offer. To meet its requirements, it has set up a packaging of its dishes and products to meet hygiene standards and adapting perfectly to the conditions of the crew. In addition to saving time to reconstitute a dish with the accompaniment and the noble part (fish, or meat), the order is accompanied by a reheating note to successfully cook the latter. Thanks to technological advances in packaging, La Maison Nordique allows you to explore new taste horizons in flight all over the world.


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