An architectural jewel that harks back to the finest times of the Riviera, La Villa Mauresque is the flagship property of the Boutique Hotels Collection. With its feet in the water, accessible by sea and land, it houses 22 rooms and two restaurants facing the horizon.

At the gastronomic restaurant Le Bougainvillier, Chef David Boyer has chosen not to be constrained. Each day, the menu evolves based on the catches of the local fisherman, Julien Loire. Once an amateur, now a professional, his boat Barbe d’or is moored in the Aguet marina. He casts his nets almost directly across from the tables of the restaurant, in the bay of Saint- Raphaël. Lobster, sea bass, John Dory, gilt-head bream, bonito, rockfish, sea bream, amberjack, tuna, and more… The list of his catches is as extensive as it is unpredictable.  

In the kitchen, a native son is at work. Born in Hyères, Nathan Helo returns to the south at La Villa Mauresque, reigniting childhood memories forged in his aunt’s seaside restaurant. A master of plant- based cuisine, committed to a practice where good products and common sense co-exist, he fully aligns with Chef David Boyer on the project of the restaurant Le Bougainvillier, built as closely as possible to local resources.

Amidst a few secret coves, a pearl of privacy and refinement awaits your visit.