The French Ministry of the Armed Forces announced its decision to award Dassault Aviation the contract for the integration, on three Falcons, of the Universal Electronic Warfare Capability developed by Thales (Epicure program).

Dassault Aviation and the dozens of French companies associated with the Falcon programs wish to thank the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) and the French Air Force for their confidence.

The required level of performance of the Epicure Falcons necessitates highly complex integration work, something that is at the core of Dassault Aviation know-how, of its role as industrial architect and of its partnership with Thales.

“I am very proud and happy with the decision of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. The Falcon Epicure will serve the French forces in the same way as the Falcons 10, 200, 50, 2000, 900 and 7X are already doing it, declared Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. The military Falcons provide the perfect illustration of the dual competences of Dassault Aviation: our civil aircraft benefit from the cutting-edge technologies developed for our combat aircraft, which in return benefit from the industrial processes deployed for the highly competitive production of the Falcon aircraft.”